JE JOUE FIFI - Purple or Pink

Type: Vibrator
SKU: A02764

The iconic classic, redefined FiFi is the ultimate rabbit. Velvety soft and perfectly contoured, this luxury toy offers simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation with a difference. FiFi has three unique vibrating pleasure points-in the shaft and in both firm, yet flexible, clitoris-hugging ears. Different vibrations play out across the three motors, and you can alternate through five levels and patterns, making FiFi perfect for personalized pleasure.



Tori's Review:

Until recently the mention of “a rabbit” brought to mind images of jelly toys with flimsy rabbit attachments and internal rotating beads moving grotesquely inside a transparent vibrating shaft. It wasn't until Anne @moderaphroditeshop showed me some quality rabbits that I realized they could be amazing and fit into my play style! After looking the rabbits over and seeing what most appealed to me, I picked out the Fifi by Je Joue based on the density, feel, design and vibrations. I was ultimately skeptical that I would be into a rabbit based on my solo play style but the Fifi forced me to completely reevaluate what a rabbit could be, how I engage with toys and how I will choose toys going forward.


What drew me to the Fifi was the shape and softness of the material as well as the design of the “ears” which promised to straddle the clitoris nicely. When taken for a trial run, my assessment held up! The density is on the harder end and the rabbit “ears” flex nicely but are stiff enough to hold themselves around the clitoral shaft and lips. The hardness of the material makes a thrusting motion a little disruptive unless lined up well. The vibrations through the ears are strong thrums that come in 7 different vibration patterns some of which include the shaft as well. It was not difficult to find two or three patterns that worked for me based on how I was using the toy and I was delighted to find that it worked well with my particular solo play style – something I had not thought possible.


If you haven't tried a rabbit yet, I recommend adding one to your toy collection this spring! @modernaphrodityshop has rabbits for all sorts of play preferences! I'll be writing a post soon on how this changed my approach to purchasing sex toys beyond shape and density.


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